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smart venture building.

We take the risk, you take the reward.

We believe corporations are powerful agents for change and have a role in making the world a better place. The way that these changes come to life is through innovative ideas. 

And we help you turn those ideas into ventures with a smart, unique, de-risking approach.

We are experts in high-risk, early-stage ventures. We are also aware that no one is better equipped than corporations to scale validated businesses.

This is why we created a performance-based financial model where both parties work optimally, according to their own core competencies and appetite for risk. 


We take on the risk of early-stage ventures - our sweet spot - and you can scale it entirely once it has been de-risked.


We act as a hedge for you. Each party is then rewarded based on its own performance, within their domains, and according to each individual propensity towards risk.


We analyze and validate if an idea is worth investing in. 

The risk is on us

We co-invest, taking on the majority risk of the early-stage ventures, validating each and every step along the way.

We are innovation partners

We co-develop the new ventures, combining your industry knowledge and expertise with our agile processes and unique product development methods. 

Take home

We help you reintegrate the venture into your core business once it has been fully validated, is de-risked and ready to scale.


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