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risk assessment.

What makes a great Venture Capital firm?


Knowing how to source and spot a great opportunity that can disrupt entire markets is one for sure. But, most importantly, it is a combination of knowing how to select - amongst all these great opportunities presented daily - the ones that best balance huge growth potential, with the least amount of risk, and that maximizes portfolio profitability.


Knowing what to say "no" to is, many times, a lot more important than knowing what to invest in.

Independent if only in the ideation stage or a full portfolio of ongoing projects, we conduct a thorough risk analysis of all ventures. We evaluate from opportunity size to the teams that will seize them, from business assumptions to customer-centricity levels, and present a comprehensive investment recommendation to increase probability for high innovation ROI and venture success.

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Opportunity Scoring

opportunity scoring.png
opportunity scoring.png

Portfolio visualization of all ongoing projects

Projects ranked by risk and growth potential

Baseline metrics for easy comparison analysis

Analysis and venture building recommendation


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