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Insight as a Service

Consulting that creates measurable value without combines data, technology, and people, focused on 

expertise designed for clients, not partners.

The Problem

Massive margins, hard-to-quantify products, billable hours that don't take into the account outcome and value creation, and process "black box" are just some of the downsides of dealing with traditional management consulting firms.

A huge sense of being handed "a thorough analysis of what we already know" accompanied by a hefty bill is usually part of the experience corporate clients have when dealing with highly-branded consulting firms.

We are in an age where access to information is wide-spread, technology has made analytics and market research easily and readily accessible, and strategy is more commoditized than ever.

These are, just to name a few, some of the reasons corporations have more and more internalized research, strategy, analysis, and insight capabilities within their own structure.

The massive value once created to its clients, with frameworks and business cases that have changed the corporate landscape and became standard teachings in every business school in the world, has considerably lost most of its appeal.

As a consulting firm ourselves, with a core value proposition to help companies disrupt legacy models in all senses and innovate, we could not be impervious to the shift happening in what has become an overvalued and under-serviced market.

Before consultants, we are, first and foremost, innovators. And we would never deliver the value our clients expect from us if we did not walk our own talk.


That is why we decided to disrupt our own model and create a new standard for the consulting industry: Insight as a Service (IaaS).

What is Insight as a Service?

We believe that corporations are one of the most powerful agents for transformation towards a better world. And our mission is to be an enabler of that change.

With an obsessive focus on delivering massive and sustainable value to our clients, we bring to the table the ability for them to tap into valuable consulting intelligence by leveraging a few key elements:

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People &
Operational Expertise


Capability Building


Feedback Loops

With these elements combined, we empower companies to generate their own information and analysis, leaving us to serve how to best make further sense of the data and how to best respond to it. We come in not to tell them what they already know, but how to best interpret the information gathered and execute on the findings to tackle the most promising opportunities in the market.

With a completely novel value proposition and pricing model, we are able to deliver bespoke high-end solutions to our clients, with a holistic approach to innovation processes, without the risks and burdens of large transformational projects, nor its inherently high fees.

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A Consulting Plug-in

Outside consultants are always necessary to keep bringing fresh ideas and insights into corporations and solve problems that are usually very hard to do so with current internal capabilities. But this is still serviced as a very human-intensive solution.

Insight as a Service is a framework for working with companies that "plugs-in" consulting expertise to the Mothership and provides a constant supply of access to market data, fresh information, people, and insights.

Because consulting value has become timebound, where any advice given is outdated pretty fast, the end goal is not to provide one-time solutions that will quickly turn obsolete, but keep a constant knowledge flow to our clients as we build these very own capabilities internally. As we maintain our own competitive advantage, constantly investing in business innovation and technology research, this same knowledge is osmotically transferred to the client as the market evolves. Think of it as your software subscriptions that upgrade automatically through the cloud to newer and better versions.

The IaaS Framework

IaaS Framework.001.jpeg


Differently than most consulting firms, an Insight as a Service model provides our clients with 24/7 access to innovation intelligence company-wide. By providing this constant flux of information and iterations, a symbiotic relationship is created that allows companies to  steepen and accelerate its learning curve, move faster, and gain out-of-the-charts competitive advantages.

This model allows us to serve our clients throughout the entirety of a whole year, tackling existing challenges, new ones that arise, and/or priority changes without having to deal with inefficiencies such as time spent switching between teams, internal bureaucracies, political battles, and the costs of a full-time consulting engagement. With year-long cycles of data collection and feedback iterations, we provide companies with a constant supply of information, insights, and people.



Because we are niche specialists in innovation processes and metrics, when a new challenge is presented, we can quickly identify the key components needed to address it, select the data needed to make decisions, and provide the best tech-enabled sources to collect them from. If data is built internally, we apply the ideal solutions to collect, organize, select, and analyze it as well. In this stage is also when any process and strategy redesigns needed take place.

As data starts to flow with an analytics structure in place using software, we apply our innovation operating expertise to determine not only the best way to interpret that data towards solving the current challenge, but also the capabilities needed to disseminate its knowledge to key stakeholders and their teams, to provide last-long, sustaining changes.

If industry-specific expertise is required, we provide learning networks comprised with professionals from all industries, along with technology experts such as tech founders, venture capitalists, venture builders, and others. We combine their operating knowledge with the applicability of our innovation frameworks to any given industry.



Once process changes have been identified, tools are at the team's disposal for effective data collection and analysis, and capability building needs are defined, execution starts to happen. Spearhed by the corporation's teams, our team play a supportive role through continuous advising and feedback loops. This support includes:

  • Constant monitoring and troubleshooting of data collection and analysis;

  • Mentoring and coaching sessions on execution ;

  • A learning innovation management MOOC platform (massive open online course) for internal stakeholders - covering topics from the challenge in hand to the overall innovation process;

  • Talks and webinars;

  • 24/7 Slack and email support channels.


As project execution advances, new light begins to be shed upon previously unseen issues and opportunities. With teams coming up now with newly uncovered insights is when critical strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making is needed in order to move towards a project's expected outcomes.

At this stage, we pair with both leadership and operational teams to align project and global needs, and translate them into actionable insights. With operating expertise, we then apply a hands-on, "scaffolding" approach, working in tandem with our clients' operational teams to take the necessary actions to ensure the desired goals are reached.

Because we accompany all projects from strategy to execution, and their interconnection to each other, it sets us to be in the best position possible to measure outcomes and compare them to initial assumptions and expectations. This allows our clients to have a clear, objective, and transparent understanding of the value we have provided.

From that point, the cycle restarts immediately, facilitated by the use of our credit system (more below). Because results have been assessed, next steps and efforts needed towards progress are clearly identified and a new challenge can be actioned upon without delay. As we deliver and "leave" the previous project, we do so ensuring that operational capability has been built within teams, and it can continue to run sustainably, with very little intervention needed from our side.

How it works

Each company starts with 3-hour work session with our team to identify the main problem to be solved, expected outcomes, and scope.

This starts with an overview of the key topics listed below. Because we are specialists in innovation management processes with high-focus on metrics, it allows us to rapidly grasp an understanding of the level of innovation maturity each client is at, and, based on it, design the scope taking into consideration also company-specifics such as industry, expected outcomes, innovation unit size, number of assets under the portfolio, etc.

Once this is done, a "menu" of specific deliverables (as shown below) is presented to the client, with pre-defined consulting products that will be executed throughout the year for achieving the desired outcomes towards an optimized innovation management process.

Within this menu, 1,000 credits are distributed across all deliverables, according to the company's needs and used throughout the yearly plan. Any unused credits can be rolled forward to the following year.

To understand how it works, you can start by considering it as 1,000 hours to create a frame of mind. But there is an important paradigm shift when pricing the services as credits and not hours. Firstly, a certain amount of credits allow companies to purchase specific projects that will be then tailored to their needs. Because we are working in credits, not hours, once an appraisal is done from our team to evaluate how many credits are needed for a specific project, it is assured that it will not exceed the total amount within the pre-defined scope. If more support is needed, for example, or complexity increases within reason and scope, it will not affect the amount of credits expended for that specific project. Yet, if priorities change throughout the project and/or a new direction for the innovation strategy is decided, the company can easily redistribute its remaining credits towards its new objectives.

Why Credits?

We believe that hourly or per diem billing that are nearly impossible to quantify, is a model that does not fit current times any longer. We live in an age of distributed information, and where transparency is paramount for high-functioning organizations to thrive. The current management consultancy pricing model has become vastly more beneficial to those providing its services than to their customers.

This unique model has been developed by us, entirely customer-centric, and in line to the fast-paced world we live in to provide unprecedented value where it has become neglected by incumbent players. By leveraging the use of technology and learning networks, we maximize client value creation, allowing them to, at a flat-rate, reap not only financial benefits, but also disproportionate efficiency gains by becoming a fast-learning and fast-adapting organization.

IaaS Workflow.001.jpeg
IaaS Workflow.002.jpeg
IaaS Workflow.003.jpeg

Once scope and credit structure is approved, a one-time fee that will cover all credits throughout the year is invoiced. This is the same fee for all clients. It can be renewed at any time, and additional credits can also be purchased.

What is Included?

  • 1,000 hours of a full innovation consulting team (Partners, Consultants, and Analysts), with operating expertise, for an entire year;

  • Software solutions providing analytics Market Data, Internal Data, and Innovation Metrics;

  • Innovation Management online academy for capability building;

  • 24/7 Slack and e-mail access to consultants (without credit spend!)

  • Innovation Management tools for:

    • Quantifying opportunities;

    • Assumption ranking and testing;

    • Experiment and evidence management;

    • Innovation Metrics;

    • Project-level venture management

      • Innovation Accounting​;

      • Growth metrics;

      • Traction models;

    • Portfolio Management:

      • Comparability between ventures​;

      • Predictability;

      • Venture contribution;

      • Pipeline Vitality Indicator™

  • Learning Networks of both industry-specific and technology professionals such as startup founders, venture capitalists, corporate innovators, and more.

Value Delivered

Insight as a Service is an yearly subscription model for innovation management consulting that has been puposefully designed to maximize value delivered to our clients.

By leveraging the combination of the six pillars of transparency, data, technology, people & operational expertise, capability building, and feedback loops, we are able to deliver a suite of highly valuable offers, fully integrated into the same workflow. These deliverables, if applied individually, would be significantly more time-consuming, resource-intensive, and lack the operational synergies to provide quantum leaps towards fast organizational learning, adaptability, and competitive advantage gains.

For clarification, see below the value of each of these offers when presented individually:

Individual value:

TECH STACK (for a team of 10 people)

Market Data Solution .......................................... £12,000/year

Data Analytics Solution  ....................................... £10,000/year

Innovation Metrics  . . . . . . . . ..................................... £10,000/year

CORPORATE ONLINE TRAINING   (10 people)  . . . . . . . . . . ..............£15,000/year

INNOVATION MANAGEMENT TOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................£150,000

1,000 HOURS CONSULTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ......................£500,000

+24/7 SLACK AND EMAIL DIRECT COMMUNICATION . . . ..........hours x £400

ACCESS TO INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC EXPERTS . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..........hours x £400

Total:     £ 697,000+


Insight as a Service Bundle:

£ 150,000


10 place only. Register your interest now here.

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