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Modern Bridge

Welcome, high-achiever.

You're just a few moments from joining

the most exclusive group in corporate innovation.

Our goal is to create a safe and private environment for high-level corporate executives to be able to exchange freely amongst peers.

Therefore, we carefully curate our members in order to maintain the value proposition of our Mastermind.

We know from experience that small, intimate, groups of discussion produce much more effective results.

In order to maintain applications limited exclusively to committed potential members, a $500 fee is charged.

What you will get:

  • Application for The Innovation Mastermind selection process

  • Ticket to the Live Mastermind Action Plan

  • 1-Year Online Content Access

The fee is not a guarantee of membership approval, nor does it include the 1-year full membership annuity.

Even though most who apply will not be approved, we believe in shared knowledge and that all should have access to the best practices and breakthrough discoveries that drive innovation.

Therefore, independent of your result from the selection process, you will gain value by having exclusive access to:

Live Mastermind Action Plan

Be a part of the Live Strategy Session to solve the 

Ali x Frazier Fight of the Century:


Data-based Decisions vs. Corporate Politics

"It's hard to impossible to translate my ROI into sales."

"I have many stakeholders to convince

and data isn't the best weapon to do so."

"I had my entire budget cut due to COVID-19

because Innovation isn't revenue generating."

Do these ring a bell?

You will see our Masterminds come together to identify the main blockers for why data-driven decisions don't have a more central role in the innovation process - and create a holistic strategy roadmap to overcome them.


Don't miss out!

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1-Year Online Content

This will give you access for an entire year

to a content library that includes:

  • Videos with our Masterminds and other experts;

  • Exclusive Podcast Interviews with Masterminds, Members, and guest entrepreneurs;

  • Articles, research, books, and whitepapers;

  • Best practice guides and real-case studies;

  • Access to recorded Mastermind Strategy Sessions

  • And more.

© 2020 Trimaran Ventures Ltd.

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