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We work with corporate innovators and R&D labs to create an integrated system designed for high-performing serial innovation.

Even more important than the product

is the machine that makes the machine."

Elon Musk           


Corporations were not made to innovate like startups. And they never will.

Startups are agile, fast-maneuvering speedboats. And contrary to popular belief, a corporation isn't the Titanic in this metaphor. At least it shouldn't be when it comes to corporate innovation.

In today's world, a high-performance corporate venture pipeline looks a lot more like the entire US Navy fleet, with its warships, battleships, cruisers, submarines, and nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. Each with a completely different role, but beautifully orchestrated towards a common goal.


That is how corporate innovation should be addressed. 


And we provide the strategic tools to do so.



We are a boutique advisory firm and thought partner, whose experience and method lead our corporate clients to approach innovation from an integrated system perspective, allowing all parts of the whole to become unisonous, upgrading a standard R&D venture building process into a high-performing serial innovation machine.

Our methodology, inspired by the most innovative companies in the world, is built around the combination of three pillars of performance innovation:

Innovation Accounting, Financial Portfolio Management, and Organizational Structure.


We operate with a single goal in mind: provide our clients with a collaborative, metrics-driven innovation system that allows them to take the calculated risks necessary to excel in the midst of even the most uncertain of horizons. Over and over again.



The 6 Elements for High-Performance Innovation


These six elements when finely-tuned together, enable the right information to be measured and shared seamlessly back and forth between stakeholders. It facilitates and encourages transparency, collaboration, speed, and accountability.

It mitigates politics-based decisions and innovation risk, increases predictability, improves product success rate, and your time-to-market velocity.

Innovation is part of the company's core strategy and top management priorities and is supported by a significant financial commitment, including sponsorships from the Business Units (BUs).

Performance-driven companies use hierarchy levels, incentive structures, and organizational design to their favor to generate innovation impact.

Lean has the customer integrated into the product lifecycle, providing evidence-based validations through iterations and feedback loops, mitigating product development risks.

The right key metrics enable progress to be measured appropriately, bring predictability and balance to the portfolio, and translate into insights for data-driven decisions to be made at the Board level.

An end-to-end pipeline applies the same rigor and discipline throughout the entire process. It allows full visibility of venture progress and facilitates collaboration at different stages.

An innovation funding governance fast-tracks time-to-market. Combined with a portfolio approach, it creates relative and overall risk metrics, increases predictability, improving investment decisions, and ultimately, innovation success rate.

We have created a scorecard for you to quickly assess your company's innovation performance score and uncover any overlooked gaps that might need your focus and attention.


Part of our core values and principles include 'deep knowledge' and 'innovate within ourselves'.

We achieve that by bringing together the most brilliant of people, that arrive from the most diverse of journeys. Strength and true innovation lie where our differences combine towards a greater purpose.


Please meet our head team.

Rafael Chaves Lopes

Managing Partner

Head of London HQ

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Serial innovator, world citizen, immigrant. Has spent 10 years building from FinTech to

HR Tech ventures. In a previous life, managed a family office fund.

Passionate about metrics, advanced technology, music, high-speed sailing, 

and outer space.

Shery Saed

Innovation Partner

Head of New York HQ

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Board Director at the Financial Woman's Association and other non-profits. Executive Director and Corporate Consultant to financial giants as American Express and Bear Stearns for more than 13 years.

First-generation Iranian-American-New Yorker

(aka badass).

Passionate about innovation, self-improvement, and

discovering new cuisines.

Rafael Bragança

Innovation Partner

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Go-to-market and growth validation specialist in the FMCG industry. 10 years working for the largest beer company in the world in Brazil and the UK.

Passionate about extreme sports and world traveling into unconventional places.

Paulo Afonso Lopes, Ph.D.

Head of Innovation Metrics R&D

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Ph.D., Operations Research/Decision Theory, Florida Institute of Technology, US; Professor and Researcher at Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil, Colonel (Ret.), Brazilian Army; Member of Sigma Xi-The Scientific Research Honor Society, Fellow, American Society for Quality, and Member of the Royal Statistical Society.

Passionate about statistics, the culture of 'different',

cult movies, origami, and coffee lover.

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