We are enablers of innovation at scale.

We build ventures




for corporations.

thinking like VCs.

Stripe and Spheres

who we are.

We are a new breed of venture builders.

We combine startup agility, consulting intelligence, and risk management expertise. 


Our goal is simple: deliver high-growth, de-risked, and ready to scale ventures for your corporation.

what we do.

With a unique approach, we enable corporations to hedge their risks and step faster and further into the future.

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10-week sprint for innovation-readiness 

Identify, measure, and prioritize

opportunities for a 
high-growth portfolio

Co-develop disruptive ventures.
Dilute the risk. Take home the rewards.








our method.

Inspired by the most innovative companies and venture capital firms in the world, our methodology was built around the combination of three pillars of performance innovation:

Innovation Accounting, Financial Portfolio Management, and Organizational Structure.

We provide our clients with a collaborative, metrics-driven, innovation system that allows them to take the calculated risks necessary to excel in the midst of even the most uncertain of horizons. Over and over again.

The 6 Elements for High-Performance

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Open Book


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